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Class Descriptions


Class descriptions:  

 Mixed Level Pilates:  Learn the fundamentals of Pilates with lots of personal attention.  Focus is on form, technique and proper breathing.  Classical Pilates mat exercises are introduced with ample modifications.  This class is recommended before registering for Int/Advanced mat class.  Class is limited to 10 participants, and pre-registration is required for attendance.

$10 per class

 Intermediate/Advanced Pilates:  Challenge your core strength and stability in this faster paced class.  Build upon the fundamental exercises learned in the beginner class and new, more difficult exercises will be introduced.  Expect to “feel the burn” in this dynamic class, and work toward building a well-balanced, fit body.  Prior Pilates experience is required.  Class size is limited to 10 participants, and pre-registration is required.

$12 per class

 Pilates with Props:  Add variety to your Pilates repertoire with this challenging prop class.  Utilizing stability balls, small balls, foam rollers and resistance bands, we will target the muscles of the core, legs, butt and arms.  This truly is a complete body workout that will leave you feeling energized, strong and stretched.  Prior Pilates experience is required.  Class is limited to 4 participants, and pre-registration is required.

$15 per class

 Beginner Yoga: Join us for a 60 minute Hatha yoga class that will leave you feeling grounded, calm and aware of your body.  This flowing class includes basic yoga postures (asanas) linked with breath.  Modifications are given for each pose to allow each student to perform at their own skill level .  Strength flexibility, balance and coordination are improved with each class.  Also enjoy gentle, restorative poses and relaxation at the end of each class.  Class size is limited to 10 participants, and pre-registration is required.

$12 per class

 Pilates Yoga Combo:  Experience the best of both worlds in this exciting, unique class.  Expect vigorous, flowing yoga poses linked with powerful Pilates exercises.  This class will work your whole body, as well as challenge your mind with concentration, proper breath and technique.  Class size is limited to 10 participants, and pre-registration is required.

$12 per class

Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Yoga:  Yoga can help relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy by incorporating breathing techniques and safe poses to use throughout pregnancy.  The post-partum class follows the natural healing path of the mother's body after delivery.  The classes are taught by a Yogafit certified instructor and are available for private or semi-private sessions.

$50 per session

 Private training:  Private sessions are available in any of the above areas.  One-on-one sessions allow the instructor to custom tailor a workout for your specific needs.  Progress will be tracked by the instructor to keep each session challenging and beneficial.  Private sessions are scheduled at your convenience.

$50 per session

 Semi-privates:  These sessions allow for a group of friends to put together their own “class” based on both Pilates and yoga methods.  The instructor will design a class unique to each group’s fitness level and interest.  Props can be incorporated to further challenge each participant.  Semi-privates are scheduled at your convenience and limited to 4 participants.

$50 per session

Packages offered:

Every 5 classes or sessions purchased, receive one free!

Most mat classes:

$50 for 6 classes

Pilates prop class:

$75 for 6 classes

Private and semi-privates:

$250 for 6 sessions

Class passes are valid for 90 days from date of purchase.

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