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Workout 2

Mixed level Pilates e-class


      1.      Begin seated eyes closed on sitz bones with pelvis vertical-hips directly over sitz bones.  Close eyes and begin full diaphragmatic breath inhaling through nose, exhaling through mouth.  Abdominals are firm upon inhale and deepen upon exhale- hips/sitz bones pulling towards mid-line abs scooping towards spine.  Continue this breath for the duration of class.

     2.      Spine stretch:  Extend legs heels down toes flexed up.  Legs are beyond hip width, arm reaching in front of shoulders.  Inhale lifting ribcage up and feel the spine lengthen.  Exhale rolling down the top vertebrae keeping lumbar curve in neutral.  Repeat x 6.

Rolling cat:  Change to hands and knees with spine in neutral.  Inhale to extend the spine beginning with pelvis and articulating through the vertebrae- tailbone lifts as hips sink, chin pulls away from chest.  Exhale to flex the spine beginning with the hips lifting, tailbone tucking and chin nodding towards the chest.  Repeat x 6.

     4.      Plank:  Extend right leg, then left to come into supported stretched position- hands under shoulders and toes curled under.  Do not allow an over-arch in the lumbar spine- support with abs!  Hold x 60 seconds then transition to side plank:  Lift right arm and shift weight into left turning body to the right. Hold x 30 seconds then repeat on other side.  Rest in child's pose.

Walking plank:  Begin in plank position and inhale to bring right forearm then left forearm to the mat- elbow should be under shoulder.  Exhale to bring right palm and then left palm back under shoulder to complete one rep.  Repeat x 4 leading with right side, then repeat x 4 leading with left side. Rest in child's pose.

Spine balance:  Beginning on hands and knees stretch right arm straight out in front of shoulder and stretch left leg straight out behind hip.  Lift leg so body is in a straight line and pelvis is anchored. Hold x 4 breaths then repeat on other side.

From seated position legs out in front of body and knees bent 90 degrees.  Feel length of spine, sitz bones anchored and even in mat and natural curves of spine present.  Inhale to stay in neutral and exhale to tilt pelvis flattening the lumbar curve.  Weight shifts from sitz bones to sacrum.  Repeat x 6 ending in pelvic tilt position.  Roll down spine taking 3 full breaths- exhale to roll down and inhale to hold-until entire spine, head and shoulders are on the mat.  Relax all muscles focusing on hips, glutes and shoulders.

      8.      Chest lift:  slide right heel so leg is bent 90 degrees then repeat on left.  Both feet are flat and pelvis/lumbar spine is in neutral.  Fingertips reaching towards toes and palms are flat.  Inhale to feel the ribs connected to the mat, exhale to peel up the upper vertebrae coming all the way to the base of the shoulder blades.  Lumbar must remain in neutral.  Repeat x 8.

Toe taps with arms over:  Begin in table top position- knees bent 90 degrees and over hips.  Raise arms over shoulders fingertips pointing towards ceiling and palms facing each other.  Inhale to lower right toes to floor and reach left arm back towards ear, exhale to return to start.  Repeat on second side to complete one rep.  Complete 8 reps.

     10.  Double toe taps with arms over:  Begin in table top position.  Inhale to lower both bent legs towards floor while reaching both arms over head.  The ribcage must stay down and the lower spine supported by abs.  Exhale to return to start position.  Repeat x 8.

     11.  Hundreds:  Begin in table top with arms reaching towards wall in front.  Exhale to curl upper  back off mat keeping lumbar curve in neutral.  Inhale and begin pumping arm up and down 5 X's per inhale. Hold position and continue to pump arms 5 X's per exhale.  Continue to breathe and extend legs if able. Repeat x 10 breaths or 100 arm pulses.

12.  Roll-up:  Begin with legs stretched heels down, toes up towards ceiling and arms reaching up towards ceiling.  Inhale to reach arms back towards ears keeping ribcage down.  Exhale to roll up the spine one vertebra at a time until all the way up to sitz bones.  Continue to move spine forward reaching fingertips towards toes to feel hamstrings stretch.  Inhale to return to neutral seated spine and exhale to roll down one vertebra at a time beginning with pelvic tilt.  Repeat x 6 and finish seated.

     13.  Spine twist:  with legs stretched, heels down and legs beyond hip width apart reach arms out to side at shoulder height making a “T”.  Neutral pelvis/spine might require bending knees if hamstrings are tight.  Exhale to rotate torso to the right keeping hips and legs anchored.  Inhale to return to start. Repeat rotation to the left to complete one rep.  Perform 6 reps.

      14.  Oblique twist:  Bring legs hip width apart and slightly bend knees so heel are down on mat.  Tilt from sitz bone to sacrum and bring spine into stretched “c” shape.  Imagine hugging a large ball with arms and roll down until abs are engaged and arm are over knees or slightly behind knees.  Stabilize pelvis and legs.  Exhale and rotate torso towards the right- don't allow hips or legs to move.  Inhale to return to start and repeat rotation towards the left.  Complete 6 reps then roll all the way down to back (supine position).

      15.  5- ab series:  Start in table top position and maintain neutral lumbar throughout the series.

(16-20 are 5 ab series)

     16.  Single leg stretch:  exhale to lift chest so base of shoulder blades are on mat.  Inhale to bring hands to right knee extending left leg, exhale to change sides- hands to left knee and right leg extending.  Repeat x 12.

     17.  Double leg stretch:  keeping chest in lifted position bring each hand to knee on same side.  Inhale to extend legs straight out no lower than eye level while reaching arms straight back towards ears; exhale to circle arm out to side then back towards knees as knees “float” back into table top position.  Repeat x 6.

     18.  Single straight leg stretch:  from chest lifted table top position extend legs straight up towards ceiling.  If hamstrings are tight legs will remain slightly bent.  Inhale to bring both hands to right leg and lower left leg until a few inches above ground.  Exhale to bring hands to left leg and lower right.  Complete 8 reps.

     19.  Double straight leg stretch:  interlace fingers and bring behind head with both legs extended towards ceiling.  Chest is lifted to base of shoulder blades and spine stays neutral.  Inhale to lower both legs towards floor only as far as spine stays supported by abs and torso is stable- this might be only a few inches of movement!  Exhale to return to start position.  Repeat x 6.

     20.  Criss-cross:  from table top, chest lifted position and hands interlaced behind head take inhale breath.  Exhale to peel right shoulder blade off ground taking right elbow towards bent left knee; extend right leg.  Inhale to return to start position and exhale to repeat on left side- left shoulder blade peels off while elbow reaches towards bent right knee.  Repeat x 6 and rest hugging knees into chest.

Single leg circles:  Begin with legs stretched on floor, heels down/toes up.  Slide arms out to side like “T” with palms flat on floor.  Bring right knee into table top position then straighten as much as possible while keeping lumbar in neutral.  Inhale to feel the connection of ribs into mat and exhale to circle leg towards left keeping hips anchored.  Create as big a circle as possible without moving hips or torso-stabilize!  Repeat 6 circles towards left then change direction circling towards right for 6 reps exhaling to circle and inhaling at start point.  Change to left leg for 6 reps each direction.

     22.  Double leg circles/corkscrew:  Begin in table top bringing knees and feet to touch.  Extend legs as much as possible while maintaining neutral spine.  Keeping hips and ribs anchored circle legs in oval shape towards right on exhale.  Inhale at start position and exhale to circle legs towards left for one rep. Repeat x 6.

     23.  Hollow body hold:  Begin hugging knees into chest with spine imprinted and abs scooped towards spine. Curl upper body so nose comes close to knees and tailbone anchored. Staying imprinted stretch legs straight out and reach arms over head covering ears. Lower legs only as far as able to maintain imprint and abs pulled into spine. Hold 3-6 full breaths 

     24.  Double toe tap imprinted:  Begin in table top with hands interlaced behind head.  Curl upper back off mat until only tips of shoulder blades are on mat.  Tilt pelvis to imprint lumbar spine and stay imprinted.  Inhale to lower bent knees toward floor and exhale to “float” knees back into table top position staying imprinted throughout.  Repeat x 6 and move into double straight leg stretch imprinted.

     25.  Double straight leg stretch imprinted:  In chest lifted, imprinted table top position extend legs up towards ceiling.  Inhale to lower both legs slowly towards floor only as far as able to keep connection of lumbar spine in mat.  Exhale to bring legs straight back up to start position.  Repeat x 6.  Release by hugging knees into chest and rolling knees over to right while arm reach out to sides in “t” position with palms flat on floor.  Hold x 3 breaths then roll knees to left.

Rolling bridge:  Begin supine with legs bent 90 degrees and feet flat on floor.  Reach hands towards heels with palms flat on floor.  Inhale to soften the ribcage into the mat and exhale to imprint lumbar spine then sequentially roll spine off mat beginning at tailbone rolling up to shoulder blades. Inhale at the top keeping abs pulled in and exhale to sequentially roll down the vertebrae beginning in the upper back.  Inhale at the bottom of the move and exhale to roll up again repeating x 6.

     27.  Oblique roll-up:  Extend legs straight and bring legs the width of the mat with heels down and toes up.  Reach arms over shoulders and bring palms together.  Inhale to feel the ribs down on the mat and the neutral pelvis.  Exhale to peel up the left shoulder blade then sequentially roll up the spine reaching hands towards right leg.  If able to roll up to lumbar spine lift right leg trying to touch hands to leg.  Inhale to sequentially roll back down and exhale to repeat on other side.  Repeat x 6.

     28.  Leg pull plank:  From full plank position stabilize the torso.  Inhale to lift right leg several inches off floor without moving hips.  Exhale to return to floor and repeat x 6 on right leg before moving onto left leg.

Hover:  from plank position bend elbows straight back and lower body a few inches away from floor- bring knees down if unable to hold position.  Hold 3-6 breaths then bring body all the way to floor in prone position (laying on stomach).

     30.  Cobra:  from prone position bring elbows into sides and forearms on floor with palms under shoulders.  Keep shoulders anchored away from ears and feel the evenness of hip bones on floor. Inhale to lift head, sternum and ribcage off mat using back muscles.  Exhale to roll chest back to mat. Repeat x 6.

Swimming:  from prone position reach arms out in front of shoulders with palms down and arms mat-width apart.  Point feet so front of feet are on the mat and feel the evenness of hip bone.  Inhale to lift right arm, sternum and left leg off mat keeping BOTH hips anchored throughout.  Exhale to return to floor and repeat on other side for one rep.  Repeat x 8.

Up-dog:  from prone position slide palms down to midribs and elbows, forearms off floor.  Inhale to extend spine lifting chest all the way off mat straightening arms- hips can come off mat on this exercise.  Exhale to roll back down to start position and repeat x 6.  Finish at the top of the exercise and rest in child's pose.

Plank into inverted “V”:  from plank position exhale to lift hips and press arms down towards floor coming into inverted “V” shape.  Try to keep lumbar curve intact- if hamstrings are tight you might have to bend knees.  Inhale to return to plank.  Repeat x 6 finishing in inverted “V”.

Push-ups:  from plank align hands under shoulders and fingers pointing directly forward.  Inhale to bend elbows and lower body towards floor keeping elbows close to body and point straight back. Exhale to return to plank.  Complete 3-8 reps slowly.

      35.  Biceps push-ups:  from plank turn fingertips in at least 45 degrees.  Inhale to lower body towards floor elbows coming out to side.  Exhale to return to plank.  Complete 3-8 slow reps.  Rest in child's pose.

      36.  Teaser 3:  From seated position bend knees 90 degrees with feet flat on floor.  Exhale to tilt pelvis coming into c-curve of lumbar spine-try to keep ribs lifting up away from hips.  Bring knees up and feet off floor balancing in “V” position.  Reach arms straight out at should height with palms facing each other-this is start position.  Inhale to reach arms up by ears.  Exhale to roll down spine one vertebra at a time keeping lumbar imprinted throughout.  Roll only until base of shoulder blades are on mat- head and upper shoulder blades remain lifted.  During roll down the legs also lower towards floor coming into the hollow body hold position at the bottom of exercise.  Inhale to circle arms out to side and reach towards feet.  Exhale to sequentially roll back up the spine while legs lift back to start position.  Abs must support spine throughout the exercise.  Complete 6 reps to complete workout.


Finish resting supine and hug knees into chest.  Allow breath pace to slow and allow abdominals to release for a few breaths.  Rest as long as needed- you have finished the workout!

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